Civic Projects:

  1. Civic Theatre
    Newcastle NSW
  2. Theatre Royal
    Sydney NSW
  3. Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
    Penrith NSW
  4. Conservatorium of Music
    Newcastle NSW
  5. Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre
    Muswellbrook NSW
  6. Playhouse, Civic Theatre
    Newcastle NSW

Civic architecture is made for and belongs to the citizens of a community. Civic buildings and precincts are therefore the cornerstone of our built environment and the public ‘face’ of society. Suters understands the processes and responsibilities of working in the public forum for all levels of government, as well as religious and cultural organisations.

We know that civic architecture has the ability to play a significant role in community building. We also appreciate that in the 21st century civic facilities have to respond to an increasing crossover between the public and private spheres. As a result we promote well-designed, functional, responsive and value-managed civic buildings.

Suters Architects understands civic projects. Our experience in master planning, brief development and the full spectrum of building procurement methods ensures the best possible result for all stake holders. We have the expertise, resources and systems to provide facilities which reflect the identities and needs of users, both now and in the future.