How do you feel when moving into your new house? Everyone dream of this important chapter of life. most of us prefer living in our homes than renting a house to live in. Building a house is a step, and also a responsibility. We live in rentals as we plan and raise funds to buy land for building our homes, or buy the already existing home on sale. It takes time for one to decide these, but once the information about the building costs is at hand, it is easy for one to budget the savings and allocate some to build their new home.


Building a home is easy and affordable for anyone. The main factors to be considered is the size of the house and the design. These determine the cost of the building. Some people have an existing land and they find it easy for them to build since they don’t have to incur the extra cost of buying land to put up the structure.

Building involves a series of stages, first, there is site preparation cost, that involves site survey, soil testing, bush clearing, service connection such as connecting gas and water pipes, and fencing. Other costs are pre-start meetings cost that comprises 5% of the total cost.

After prestart meeting costs are electrical installation costs, roofing material costs, tilling, fixtures and fittings costs and kitchen prestart cost. Above all the costs, there is a contract variation cost that is paid to contractors depending on the cost of the total cost of the construction contract and the finish cost.

It can be very difficult to estimate the cost of building a property to its point of completion following the different preference of the owners. Someone who needs a big house tends to use more in construction, as compared to one who needs a small house in Australia. Also, there are some other hidden costs involved in construction. These costs may vary from the owners’ preferences, this may involve the quality of materials such as kitchen, washroom, and lighting equipment.

Cheaper house to build

In Australia, there is an extremely affordable house for the families that need to build on a budget. The lowest you can build your 3 bedroom house with an approximate of 150-200 meters floor space is around $117000-$118,000. This house is unsuited off the master bedroom, kitchen, dining and sitting room. There are other additional costs such as driveways, flooring among some others that may amount to around $40,000. Adding up the total costs to build a cheap house in Australia may add up to

Around $157,000.

Building cost per square meter

Most builders and homeowners prefer building contracts based on dollars per square meter. The total cost of construction is added up and divided by the total space of the home floor space. The common challenge to these terms is the calculation of the actual cost since the calculated space may not give the exact cost of construction. The house with several partitions such as kitchen and toilets among other rooms may reflect low construction input cost as compared to the house with more spacious or more empty spaces. The following are the cost per square meters of different houses.

Type Cost in Dollars per square meter:

  1. Custom build home ( Deluxe) 2500-4000
  2. Custom build (Basic) 1500-3000
  3. Project Homes (Deluxe) 1000-3000
  4. Project Homes (Basic) 620-780
A4 Bedroom home

The cost of building a 4 bedroom basic range from $130,000/ (160sqm) to 190,000(300sqm) but for wider coverage, it can go up to $230,000.

A5 Bedroom Home

A 5 bedroom house will be slightly higher than a 4 bedroom house. The basic range may cost from $195,000 and the wider range is slightly above $230,000.

Other costs

There are other costs that one may incur after building the property. These costs may include:

Contour and Soil Test– The cost of these test maybe around $1500-$2000, the test is done to the contour of the blocks and the soil.

Flood prone areas– Extra costs may be incurred during building in flood-prone or swampy areas. The extra costs include the cost of raising the building beyond the point that water cannot flow into the house. These charges cannot be estimated since it depends on the condition of the land.

Bush fire-prone areas. Houses build along the bush fire prone areas need an additional cost of installing ardor safety mechanism around the building to safeguard any unpredictable peril. The extra costs cannot be estimated since it depends on the kind of equipment the owner prefer to use.