Since the foundation of a house is not visible, most home owners do not realize that there is a problem with the foundation and they often think there is a problem with other areas of the house. However compared to other rooms, the foundation is most likely to get damaged quickly, because it is exposed to high moisture levels under the ground surface for many years, especially after rainfall. Hence many home owners would how to know when a house needs to reblock and restump, so that they can budget accordingly and find a suitable company for reblocking or restumping.

The requirement for reblocking depends to a large extent on when the home was constructed and the material used for the stumps. For older brick houses, the stumps in the foundation is usually made from wood. This wood is likely to decay further and it may be also attacked by termites, and other pests, who will eat away the base of the house. The foundation of newer homes are usually made from concrete which is more durable compared to wood. However depending on the moisture levels and type of soil, the concrete stumps can also develop cracks, which can affect the entire house.


There are many indications that the house may require restumping. Since the stumps are attached to the floor of the house, one of indicators that there is a problem with the foundation is that the floor is sloping or uneven. Another indicator of a foundation problem is when there are cracks in the tiles, or plaster in the house. Additionally it may become difficult to close the doors completely or the doors may get jammed due to misalignment. The floor will keep changing their position. If the moisture levels in the foundation are very high, it may be necessary to reblock or restump the house.

Often home owners think that there is a problem with other parts of their house and try to repair the doors, flooring without realizing that the root cause of the problem is the foundation of the house. Hence it is advisable to arrange for the foundation of the house to be inspected to check its condition before spending money on other repairs. The cost of only an inspection will be less compared to other repairs, and it is a quick way to find out the cause of the problems. Usually construction experts will recommend that a reblocking will be required if the house has been constructed before 1970 due to the natural wear and tear process.

Depending on the condition of the foundation, either reblocking or restumping will be required. In restumping, the existing stumps are removed and replaced with new stumps which are made from concrete and reinforced with steel for additional strength. In reblocking, the existing stumps are repaired and strengthened using concrete and steel. In both cases, a hydraulic jacking system is used to support the house while the damaged wooden or concrete stumps are removed, and new stumps are fixed into position. After the concrete in the new stumps has dried the hydraulic jacking system is removed.

Since the restumping process is fairly expensive many home owners would like to find out How long restumping lasts? Able Reblocking Specialists in Melbourne is offering a warranty of ten years on all the reblocking as well as restumping work which it undertakes and completes. However, the duration for which the reblocked foundation will last depends to a large extent on the weather and soil conditions in the area where the home is located. Due to heavy rainfall, or drought, there is a possibility that the foundation will sink and there may be a gap. Under ideal conditions, the foundation can last for fifty years or more.

The time taken to complete the restumping work depends to a large extent on the size of the house since the area of the foundation will be more for larger houses. Typically the reblocking work can be completed within a week. There may be some damage to the rest of the house, which will be repaired as part of the work. The company doing the reblocking work will usually get all the required permissions from the local authorities. Home owners in Melbourne are advised to check their foundation repeatedly and get the reblocking or restumping work done if required, so that their house remains in good condition for many years.